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Lillian Alicia Sanpere, LM, CPM


Alice has been delivering babies in the Tallahassee area since 1985. She received her degree from the North Florida School of Midwifery in Gainesville. She previously worked for the Tallahassee Birth  Centre and later opened her own home birth practice. She now owns and operates the Birth Cottage and enjoys a harmonious relationship with all her families.

She is the mother to five of her own children, Layla, Kristopher, Salvador, Leon and Diego, and stepmom to Mariano and Rodrigo.  She has 5 grandbabies, 4 boys and 1 girl.






Layla M. Swisher, LM, CPM


Layla is Alice's daughter and was raised with the philosophy that birth is normal. She joined Alice at The Birth Cottage in 1999 and became her birth assistant. After the birth of her son Aspen, a cesarean delivery due to a knee presentation in 2001, she decided to go to the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville to follow her mother's footsteps. She graduated in August 2004 and she and Alice became a mother/daughter midwifery team. In August 2005, Layla had a VBAC in the hospital and delivered her second son, Canyon, into her own hands. She loves idea that the babies of Tallahassee that her and her mother catch may one day be the mothers she guides through labor.







Diana Janopaul, LM, CPM












Our Birth Assistants

An assistant is part of the birth team.  The midwife will call her in to work with the midwife and stays until the family goes home with their baby. 



Our Present and Past Students

Layla and Diana did their internships at the Birth Cottage with Alice as their preceptor, so they are past students but are now our midwifes.  Alice has been a teacher to many midwifery students throughout the years.  Training the next generation of midwifes is one of her joys.  Now Layla and Diana also are teachers to students who come to train with us.  Students attend prenatal appointments thereby getting to meet our clients and then assist the midwife at births.






Kyndel Tyus










Alina Vogelhut

Our newest graduate!









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Harmony Miller


















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